Wood Buffalo Chess Challenge


Registration is now Open!

Online Registration Dead line : January 24, 2020 Friday 3:00 pm

Entry fee: $15 ( Payment deadline January 24 6PM)

This is an ACA ( Alberta Chess Association) tournament arranged by "Chess and Math" as a qualifier for the Alberta Chess Challenge 2020 played in Red Deer.   


Tournament date and place: 


January, 26 2020  10:00 pm – 5:00pm (approximately)

@ Keyano College Bob Lamb building



Tournament Schedule:


10:00 am             Check-in

10:30 am              Tournament Picture

10:40 am              Tournament games start

12:00 pm              Pizza lunch ( purchase by $5 per person)


Younger grades ( grade 1-3) will mostlikely finish earlier. please ensure you can stay at least till 3:30pm)


Games may continue longer for students in higher grades. If you are in grade 4 - 12, ensure that you can stay till at least 4:30pm.


Tie-breaks ( if necessary) and awards: immiediately after the completion of the last round 


Format :


The exact format of each section will depend on the numner of participants but players should expect to play 5 games. 


Time Control : 


Game in 25minutes with a 5 second delay.


Special rules:


No agreed draws are allowed before move 25. Players are not allowed to talk to anyone ( including parents, coaches, and other participants) except the TD during their games. It is forbidden for players to have cell phones, or other electronic communication, omputer, or media devices in the tournament room.


Prizes in each secion ( School Grade):


1st Place : 1st place gold medal, $25 travel grant and a free entry to the 2020 Alberta Chess Challenge ( ACC)

2nd Place 2nd place silver medal and $15 travel grant to ACC.

3rd Place : 3rd place bronze medal and $15 travel grant to ACC.

Top girl : medal

All the other participants will receive colourful medals showing their placement ( 4th to 9th place). 10th place will receive a " chess warrier" medal.


2020 Alberta Chess Challenge will be held in Red Deer on March 28. Travel grant holders must provide receipts to be reimbursed for their travel expenses. 


To be eligible for travel grants, a player must be a member of the Fort McMurray Chess Club. ( tournaments or chess schools)



Payment Informtaion :


***All participants including Fort McMurray Chess Club members must pay the entry fee.  ***


Entry fee:

$15  Payment deadline is January 24, 6PM by Etransfer. 

No registration or payment is accepted on site.


Here is the email address for an email money transfer: 



This is set to be auto-deposit so you will not need to set up password and question. However if your financial institution requires to do so, please use the password CHESS (all uppercase) if you need a question/ comment to prompt for an answer: "We play this game."


Please include the first and and last name of the child payment is for in the memo when you use email transfer in order for us to identify who paid.



 $5 for pizza.  Pizza payment will be collected ON SITE ONLY CASH.

We will order from Pizza Hat. If you have diatry restriction, please bring your own lunch.


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