2020 Wood Buffalo Youth Chess Championship 

Registration is now Open!

Dead line : 6:00 pm on Feb 15, 2020 

Entry fee: $25 ( $20 for members)


This is the regional qualifier tournament for the

2020 Alberta Youth Chess Championship (AYCC)


Registration deadline:

6:00pm on Saturday February 15, 2020.
Onsite registration will NOT be available.


Entry fee: $25 ($20 for members)
Pizza: $5 per person

Please bring the correct amount or pay online with electronic transfer.





Tournament Schedule:

Feb 10, 2019 10:40 am – 5:00pm

(U8 and U10 sections may likely finish earlier)


10:40am             Check-in

11:00am             Tournament starts


Tournament picture will be taken after the first round.
(U8 and U10 sections likely finish before 3pm)
Advanced players take more time.

Tie-breaks (if necessary) and awards: immediately after the completion of the last round. 



Keyano College Bob Lamb Centre

8015 Franklin Ave, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2H7

Sections : 

U-8   (Born after Jan 1, 2012)
U-10 (Born after Jan 1, 2010)
U-12 (Born after Jan 1, 2008)
U-14 (Born after Jan 1, 2006)
U-16 (Born after Jan 1, 2004)
U-18 (Born after Jan 1, 2002)


The exact format of each section will depend on the number of participants but players should expect to play 5 games.
Time control: Game in 25 minutes with a 15-second delay to allow for mandatory chess notation.


Special rules: No agreed draws are allowed before move 25. Players are not allowed to talk to anyone (including parents, coaches, and other participants) except the TD during their games. It is forbidden for players to have cell phones, or other electronic communication, computer, or media devices in the tournament room. 

Prizes in each section:
1st place: $50 travel grant (FMCC bus only) and a free entry to 2020 AYCC, 1st place gold medal.
2nd place: $25 travel grant (FMCC bus only) and a free entry to 2020 AYCC, 2nd place silver medal.
3rd place: 3rd place bronze medal.
4th-9th places: colourful place medals.


Top Girls will be decided (possibly for combined sections) and will be determined based on participation: top girl prize will include a gold medal, $50 travel grant (FMCC bus only) and free entry to 2020 AYCC.
Prizes cannot be combined if multiple titles are received.



Payment Informtaion :


Entry fee can be paid with cash, cheque or with email transfer. 

$5 for pizza. We can process payment when you check in on February 16 ...or you can pay beforehand via email transfer.

Here is the email address for an email money transfer: 


Please include the first and and last name of the child payment is for in the memo when you use email transfer in order for us to identify who paid.



2020 AYCC will be held in Edmonton on April 18-19, 2020. The Fort McMurray Chess Club will travel as a team in a bus!! It is always loads of fun and great for our team spirit!! We hope you can travel with us and build special memories!


Here is the link for our Wood Buffalo Youth Chess Championship registration: REGISTER HERE


We hope to see you at the tournament!!