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FORT MCMURRAY CHESS CLUB provides all leves of lessons from Beginners to Advanced.



Thanks to all volunteers for their time and dedication to provide the opportunity to learn this great game!






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Chess Board





The Pawns are the most plentiful piece on the chessboard. Each side starts with eight of them. They are alighned with the white pawns the second row (movving up the board) and the black pawns on the seventh row (moving down the board





Each player has 16 peices:

2 Knights

2 Bishops

2 Rooks( Castles )

A Queen

A King

8 Pawns

The Chess Board is a square divided by 64 squares.

Algebraic notation is the way in which chess players read and write omoves. Each move is an abbreviation of the piece that will move, followed be the destination square of that peice.

The names of the squares are letter - number combinations. The way you "read"a chessboard is the same way you read the co-ordinates on a map, or those found on the children's board fame Battleship. The  first name of each square is a letter and the last name is a number.

For example, the name of the original square for the King is e1.



The King is the most valuable piece on the chessboard, but not the most powerful. The king moves and captures in exactly the same way - one squate in any direction.


A Bishop moves in a straight diagonal line, wither forwards or backwards, and m always stay on the colour of the square it started on. For example, if a bishop starts on a light square, it must always remain on light squares.


The Knight moves to the nearest opposite coloured square not in a straight line from ir's pont of origin, or in the shape of the capital "L " which can be ripped over onto its side, can be backwards, can be upside down or any combination of the above.


The Rooks are one of the simplest pieces with which to move and capture. Rooks move in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally in wither derection.


The queen is the most mobile and pawerful piece on the board. She combines the movement of the rook with that of the bishop. In other words on any turn, she can move like a bishop or a rook.


Basic Rules

CHESS is a game played by two people.

The player controling the white peices plays first.



The winner of the game is the player who attacks the opponent's king in such a way that the opponent has no way to get out of check ( i.e. is in "checkmate" ).


The games do not nessesery end with checkmate. The games may end with a draw or a player may resign.

A tactic refers to a sequence of moves that limits the opponent's options and may result in tangible gain.


Chess strategy (or positional play) is the aspect of chess playing concerned with evaluation of chess positions and setting of goals and long-term plans for future play.

Chess Clock

Players may have a fixed amount of time for the entire game or they may have to make a certain number of moves within a specified time  using a Chess Clock.

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