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Jina Burn Fort McMurray Open July 2-3 2022

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The Jina Burn Fort McMurray Open is a chess tournament that spans 2 days.


All ages and levels from beginner to master are invited to compete for prizes. 

Tournament Organizer : Jaiveek Dave

Tournament Director : Michael Jenkins Grunsky

Date : Jina Burn Fort McMurray Open July 2 and July 3

Place : Doug Barnes Cabin (Ptarmigan Nordic Ski Club), Fort McMurray

Time Control: Game in 90 minutes + 30 seconds / move

Tournament is CFC and FIDE rated.

Pre-tournament Blitz: July 1 @ 6 pm
Time control: Game in 5 minutes + 3 seconds / move

Registration Link



Day 1 (July 2, 2022)

Round 1: 10AM

Round 2: 2PM

Round 3: 6PM


Day 2 (July 3, 2022)

Round 4: 10AM

Round 5: 2PM

(everyone is guaranteed a minimum of 30 minutes break between games)

Arriving Late: 

Any player who arrives at the chessboard 30 minutes after the start of the session loses the game.



First $ 1500

Second $ 900

Third $ 600


Under 2200: $500; Under 2000: $400; Under 1800: $300; Under 1500: $250; Under 1200: $200; Best Girl: $350


ACA Tiebreak procedure

Prizes are shared between persons with equal points. You can win in more than one category. Still, the maximum is capped by the highest undivided award you won; the remainder goes to the lowest category, e.g., if the best girl shares the under 2200 prize with another person, she will get $400, the other person $200 and the second girl $150.


A maximum of two half-point byes are available in rounds 1-4 if requested before the start of round 1.



Registration Fees : 

Adults $60 / Youth (18-) & Senior (55+) $40 / GM, IM, FM Free

CFC membership required

Registration Link

COVID regulations:

The tournament will follow the official guidelines.

At the time of writing, proof of vaccination and wearing a mask are not required.

The tournament is part of the RMWB Chess Festival, a community event.


Participants must adhere to the following guidelines to protect our community. Do not participate if you are symptomatic. If you develop symptoms during the tournament, you can not play, and you will receive 0.5 points for your remaining games. If you develop symptoms during a game, you have to wear a mask; otherwise, you lose.


The organization may update these regulations without notice, see this website for the latest version.

Registered Players:

(As of: July 1, 2022)


CFC  Name

2320 FM Ian Findlay

2280 Rafael Arruebarrena

2225 Omid Malik

2221 FM Dale Haessel

2216 Butch Villavieja

2139 Ico van den Born

2124 James Windram

1994 David Suominen

1972 Douglas Nechio

1925 Alberto Cunan

1921 Dustin Koperski

1904 Bhavik Dave

1860 Mike Zeggelaar

1811 Arden Abad

1573 Bernie Francis Nalual

1572 Mark Bryan Sumayan

1543 Gagan Sharma

1478 Jason Pan

1456 Bill Lu

1406 Roland Schech

1384 Ryan Weidlich

1376 Shawn Jiang

1286 Erin Zhao

  983 Ali Usman

  935 Ray Jiang

  896 Sophia Aldaco Murayama

  617 Colin Liu       

         Joshua Aldaco Murayama

         James Aina

         Mahathi Anupoju

         Rohan Bijade

         Caelyn He

         Hugh He

         Kudzai Tsondai

         Elijah Nalual

         Aahna Patel

         Dhyan Patel

         Kanishk Patel

         Rivaan Patel

         Jameel Planco

         Jack Poncelet

         Blake Seaward

         Casper Trinh

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